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Conserva is a chef driven grocery store dedicated to offering the best local, home-made and fresh food. 

John and Massimo have years of experience in the cooking industry. Working in reputable and high-end Montreal kitchens they acquired the knowledge to open up a grocery store filled with delicious fresh food and home-made meals. John wanted to create a business that would allow him to share his cooking experience and spend more time with his family. Having similar values and ambitions as Massimo, Conserva was then created! Their goal: to maximize the use of local fresh ingredients, help promote the local economy and Quebec based enterprises as well as teach the community to cook with the simplest but best ingredients. Working hard since 2018, Conserva has been at the heart of the St-Hubert Plaza and an active part of the local community!

The team : Conserva is made up of talented cooks that prepare every dish/condiment/pastry/etc. with care and years of experience in the industry. The attention brought to every detail and flavor of your home-made produce has been brought to you by this incredible team. 

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